Food Safe Digital Training Without Removing The Gloves

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Fast Touchless Interface

HoverGuide™ allows your workers to browse a digital library while staying Food Safe. Now you can deliver your digital training guides to your workforce in real-time during meal prep.

AI Powered Search

Our AI powered search works in noisy environments. Quickly find the right recipe while working during peak hours.

Video & Text Guides

Some instructions are better suited as videos, while other times text and photo diagrams are better for learning. HoverGuide™ is flexible to your content.

The Talent Gap

The cost of turnover is higher than ever. With over 60% of the service industry voluntarily leaving their jobs in the past year, we can no longer rely on senior talent to train new workers.

Better Digital Training for Food Prep

Classical digital training platforms are not ideal for food prep. Interacting with a phone or tablet means degloving, washing hands, and other time intensive food safety tasks that make fulfillment inefficient.

HoverGuide™ allows your workforce to remain Food Safe while browsing your digital library using touchless technologies.

World Class Touchless UI

HoverGuide™ leverages machine learning and AI technologies to deliver a next generation touchless user interface. Our Touchless UI is intuitive and respnsive, allowing your workforce to quickly access the content they need to do their job during meal preparation.

Easy Setup

Our team will help import your learning materials so that they’re readily available across all HoverGuide™ devices. Any updates to your learning materials will automatically deploy to all of your locations.


How does HoverGuide Work?

Our platform works using a camera to track hand movements in a very intuitive way. HoverGuide leverages advanced machine learning models that can track hand movements even while wearing gloves.

The platform also leverages AI powered voice search. Your workers can quickly find what they are looking with their voice while remaining Food Safe.

How long does it take to install HoverGuide?

HoverGuide is installed following a 3-step process.

  1. You send us your learning materials. Our team imports your guides into your own private HoverGuide instance
  2. We ship you devices with HoverGuide installed
  3. You follow simple installation instructions to complete setup at your work location(s)

The whole process typically takes between 1-3 weeks.

Does HoverGuide work without an internet connection?

HoverGuide™ works without an internet connection. Some advanced features do require an internet connection:

  • Automatic downloading of new guides: When new guides are added for your workforce, the system can automatically download those guides from the cloud when an internet connection is available.
  • AI Voice Search: Advanced searching capabilities are only available when there is an internet connection.

Will HoverGuide support my learning content?

HoverGuide™ was built to support a variety of media types, and your content is most likely supported. Our onboarding team ensures your text, video, and image guides are all imported into the system in the best way possible.

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